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Simply Paleo reviews Primal Life Organics

A Great Product Review from Lauren at

Product Review- Primal Life Organics: Paleo Skin Care!

The best news was that I got my care package from Primal Life Organics! Here is a brief review of each of the products, I’ve been using them for about a week and have had amazing results.  Bottom line- I have found my skin care line, for good.

Pit Stick

I’ve looked long and hard, high and low for a natural deoderant.  I’m not gonna lie, I was the stinky kid for a while.  Nothing every worked! Tom’s being the worst offender because I broke out in a rash from that (fun).   I’ve been wearing the pit stick for 3 days now and have smelled like a mellow coconut ever since, even after the workout last night! No bullshit people, this product is incredible!

Carrot Seed Primal Face Wash

I have combo skin and suffer from hormone breakouts every month (right now).  Not only has that cleared up but my skin tone looks even and I haven’t had to re-apply my oil absorbing powder mid day- it’s totally regulated my shine! Plus it smells great too.  I also love the way that it lathers, a little goes a long way.  When you rinse it leaves your skin feeling moisturized but clean (I hate after you wash your face and it feels like you washed with lotion, I also hate the super squeaky clean).  It comes in a large glass bottle with a medicine dropper, which I love!

Carrot Seed Primal Face Toner

This stuff just feels good, it’s in a small spritz bottle and goes on after you wash.  It smells great and has all the qualities of a nice, refreshing toner without the alcohol.

Carrot Seed Primal Face Serum

I’ve never really used a serum before but I’m pretty sure this one has a big hand in the overall even-ness of my skin tone.  You can tell it’s more concentrated and comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.  I use this after the wash and primer and it smells SO good!

Carrot Seed Primal Face Moisurizer

I love this moisturizer.  It’s a brilliant primer and 1st step before make up (which I’m not wearing much of now!) and leaves my skin feeling moisturized with ZERO grease.  I remember a lady at CosBar once told me that typically your skin will be oily not because you’re using the wrong moisturizer but because it’s compensating for under quenched skin.  I think this the key reason why I’ve been seeing less shine, my skin is actually getting the moisture that it needs!

Banished Primal Blemish Serum (Available soon)

This is the power potion! It’s extremely concentrated and really zaps problem areas.  I woke up to see that a certain friend (mountain) had vanished!  Note- don’t rub your eyes after you use this lol.

Thanks Lauren!

Paleo Skin Food: Which Primal Face Package is For You? Testimonial of Trina Felber, Owner and Creator of Primal Life Organics, LLC

That’s how I think of my products: Paleo Skin Food. Products so natural, fresh and made with ingredients you can eat. Food for your skin. Paleo Skin Food.

Every product I make was originally made for myself. I was in my late 30’s and frustrated with acne prone, very oily skin and I wanted a non-toxic, natural, paleo skin care solution. I was not happy with the toxic, chemical laden, commercial products available, so I decided to “try” to make something myself. After all, if you want the job done right- do it yourself! So, I researched different ingredients, came up with a list and made my first facial product: the Carrot Seed Primal Face Moisturizer. This was five years ago and it was just known as “carrot seed”. I was extremely surprised at my newfound talent as well as the results. My skin cleared up within two-three weeks! GONE! My acne was gone AND my skin really seemed to like the oil! My biggest hesitation was putting OIL on my OILY skin! I was extremely skeptical that the oil would help my oily skin situation! Shouldn’t I be “drying” my skin out I wondered. No. When I looked at the ingredients in the expensive products I was using for oily/acne prone, aging skin, the under lying theme was drying ingredients, like alcohol, preservatives, fragrance and other chemicals that are added for purposes I have no idea. I had learned recently that in most things in life, only three percent of the population is getting it right. I realized that IF I want healthy skin, I have to take a chance and do the OPPOSITE of what 97 percent of the population is doing. If they are putting alcohol and preservatives and fragrance and toxins on their skin- then I want NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE THINGS.

OK. That leaves me with oils- for oily skin. Low and behold, my oily skin drank up the oils like a caveman in the dessert! Within three minutes of applying my oil based moisturizier, my skin was soft, not greecey. It was at this moment that I realized something. ALL OF THE EXPENSIVE COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS I HAD BEEN USING WERE STARVING MY SKIN!!!! My oily skin was only oily because I had disrupted my natural oil production with all of the drying ingredients. I was overproducing sebum to save my skin. My skin was self-preserving and the more it self-protected the more drying ingredients I applied! My Carrot Seed Primal Face Package was born. I developed my face wash; toner and serum with ingredients designed specifically for the needs of oily, acne prone aging skin. I was looking to diminish fine lines, prevent wrinkles and all signs of aging. Afterall, I was not getting any younger.

It took about four weeks for my skin to really detox from the chemical laden products I had used. It was around the sixth month that my skin normalized. Around month eight, I realized I did not really have oily skin. In fact, my skin now tended to be dry. REALLY!!?? Dry? Not in a million years would I have thought I had underlying DRY SKIN!!! OK, new mission. Create a system designed specifically for dry skin. Reasearch. Test. WOW! My skin LOVED pomegranate and the Pomegranate Primal Face Package was born! The two key ingredients in this system are pomegrate oil and hemp seed oil. Both are superior for aging, dry skin.

Organic Pomegranate fruit is naturally high in flavonoids, punicic and ellagic acids and is used to heal, protect, and moisturize dry, cracked, mature, and irritated skin. It also restores skin elasticity and is beneficial for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. Pomegranate deeply nourishes the outer epidermal layer and provides powerful anti-oxidants; these work to neutralize free radicals that otherwise cause skin damage and visible signs of aging.

Organic hemp seed provides anti-inflammatory and anti-aging protection. It balances dry skin, helps heal skin lesions, contains anti-oxidants, and offers moisture-balancing properties. The oil is non-greasy and readily absorbs into the pores. It is an emollient, and has rejuvenating and moisturizing properties for the skin.

My skin reacted so well to the pomegranate, I was completely in love and amazed. People were noticing and remarking on how fresh my skin looked. I LOVED the pomegranate so much that I decided to spare no expense. I was getting older and I really wanted to create a masterpiece for aging skin. I wanted something that would make a huge difference for aging skin using natural, paleo ingredients. I researched again. I did my homework. I spent hours collecting data. Superior is what I am after- no less than superior. I made a list of oils and essential oils that have a profound effect on the aging process and I went to work. Ocean Primal Face Wash was an INSTANT success. IMMEDIATE results! The Package was born. Infiniti was the name. DONE. Sometimes the name is the hardest part of the process-not this time. Infiniti says it all. Infiniti Primal Face Toner, Infiniti Primal Face Moisturizer and Infiniti Primal Face Serum were created. SUPERIOR! Instantly, I could feel and see a huge difference. I had a glow and for the first time EVER- I DID NOT NEED MAKEUP TO BRIGHTEN MY COMPLEXION!! I knew I had made a product that safely protects aging skin and helps prevent signs of aging.

Infiniti Primal Face Package contains numerous, premium oils and essential oils, here is a sample of the ingredients:

*Certified Organic

Blue yarrow*

Borage seed oil*

Calendula oil*

Carrot seed oil*

Clary sage*

Comfrey oil*

Emu oil

Evening primrose oil*


Grapefruit oil*

Hemp seed oil*




Pumpkin oil*


Rosehip oil*

Sea buckthorn oil*

Tamanu oil*

I have been selling my skincare products for three years and have enjoyed seeing and hearing the remarkable changes and improvements they make. Skincare does not have to be toxic nor artificial to get results. It is amazing how quickly our skin reacts to oils and it quickly becomes apparent how thirsty our skin really is and how dehydrating commercial products really are. I have made all of my products for myself and I still use every one. My favorite under the eye serum is the Pomegranate Primal Face Serum because it is a thick oil that hydrates extremely well. I use Infiniti Primal Face Package daily with Ocean Primal Face Wash in the shower and Earth Primal Face Wash in my vanity. I mix in the Carrot Seed and Pomegranate Primal Face Packages two or three times a week.

That being said, ALL of my products are anti-aging and you will see results with any package. The Infiniti Primal Face Package is made with ingredients that are suprior for those that want extra protection from nature and life’s effects!

Which Primal Face Package will work for you?

Normal to oily/acne prone skin: Carrot Seed Primal Face Package

Normal to dry skin: Pomegranate Primal Face Package

Aging skin: Infiniti Primal Face Package

I write this on my 44th birthday because beautiful, ageless paleo skin food is my passion and making paleo skincare safe enough to eat is my mission! Afterall, why eat paleo but drench the largest organ of your body in chemicals and toxins. When I say I am 95% PALEO- it’s the truth. I believe YOUR percent MUST include your skincare (or skin food). If you have any questions, please email me at I love testimonials and have published quite a few. I felt it was time to share my story of how each product was created. My own personal testimonial is finally published. Enjoy! My skin has never looked better and I bet yours will too!

Trina Felber

Owner and Creator

After I finished writing this, I checked my inbox. I just could not help but smile. It was like Lauri was my typing shadow. Here is what I found from Lauri:

Hi Trina,

First of all, let me tell you how much I absolutely love the Carrot Seed Primal Face Package. The fine lines around my eyes are barely visible now and for the first time in almost two years, since the middle of my second pregnancy, I haven’t needed to cake on makeup to cover up my breakouts because guess what… I don’t have a single pimple on my face. It’s amazing! I tried everything to no avail for two years and after just a couple of weeks your products have absolutely changed my appearance for the better. I am so thankful to have found your products.

And don’t even get me started about the primal toothpaste! My teeth are as white as I have ever seen them. People ask me what I have done to whiten them and all that I am doing is using your product!

I wanted to see if you recommend washing my face only in the evening or twice a day. Also, I only see the tooth powder available. I am going to place an order before the discount ends on Thursday so I am ordering the tooth powder for travel but I also wanted to get another tin of toothpaste as I use it for my four year old and me. He loves it! I don’t see it on your site so I assume it’s not presently available but is it going to come back?

Thank you so much for your amazing products. I will continue to spread the word to everyone I know!



My response to Lauri’s question:

Hi Lauri!

Thank you SO MUCH for such an awesome letter!!! I just love to hear how my products work for everyone!!! I do recommend washing twice a day, but everyone is different. Applying the face package twice a day doubles the amount of vitamins, antioxidant, essential fatty acids, nutrients etc your skin is exposed to and ultimately helps the fight against aging!

I discontinued the toothpaste during the summer months because of the heat and the fact that the coconut oil melts in temperatures above 77 degrees. The other issue is that in homes without air conditioning, it remains liquid and must be refrigerated then brought to room temperature before use and is a challenge to use. I have no problem making it and sending it to you, especially since you have used it. Just order 2 of the Toothpowders and email me that you want one paste and one powder. Not a problem at all. I LOVE that your son is using it. My daughter loves it too!! Definitely take the powder for travel though. Much safer!



I will be offering the toothpaste once the weather permits. If you really want the paste, just order the powder and email me.

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