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Ticked Off About Lyme Disease- Natural Remedies That Healed My 9-Year-Old Nephew

“Hi, Can you tell us the natural remedy for Lyme disease that your sister used for your nephew? I think I missed it.”

Bullseye- marks the spot!
tumblr_inline_nw35d6IjIt1r631jl_540Please note,  my nine-year-old nephew was bitten by a deer tick and developed Lyme Disease.  My sister, not know at the time what the “rash” was on the back of his arm, called me to find out what she could put on it.

The next day, his symptoms became systemic (full body- high fever, aches, severe fatigue) and she took him to the pediatrician.  His diagnosis:  LYME DISEASE

Before you watch the videos of the natural remedies she used to heal his body within 72 hours, please note:  I am not an expert in this disease nor am I an expert in homeopathic medicine. 

Please understand, my purpose in this video is to open the avenues of communication and to disperse helpful information regarding the topic of Lyme Disease and natural treatments. My goal is to offer the information that alternative therapies and conjunctions can improve the outcome of Lyme Disease when used with conventional medicine. I understand that the bacterial wash effect from the disease can have tragic after-effects on our entire system including the cardiovascular and immune systems. If you are an EXPERT on lyme disease, PLEASE share your website and information with us. I welcome comments and resources for alternative treatments.

Don Mau

I am an expert in Lyme disease.

Small molecules treat bones

No Bact. resistance

Calcifying defense overcome

This is NB protocol

Don’t miss the 20 minute video- I offer some great insight on remedies you will want to have on hand- just in case you are bitten by a bug!  I will be hiking the Grand Canyon next week and I will be packing many of these with me.

~Trina Felber

Links from the show:

Hills Remedy Black Salve 2x/day

Vitamin D 5000 IU 3x/day (four weeks)

Probiotics (increase dosage for four weeks)

Colloidal Silver (by mouth) 4x/day (four weeks)

Goldenseal 3x/day (two weeks on, two weeks off for three months)

Protocol For Lyme Disease Using Homeopathy by Joette Calabrese, HMG, CCH, RSHom(Na)

Torn Up Skin Repair

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder

You can find Trina at (



Dirty Mouth Toothpowder


Trina Felber, Natural Skincare Expert

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