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This Is A Stick Up: Natural Deodorant (of course!)

Question: Why Do Most Natural Deodorants Leave You Stinky??


Answer: Because they were not formulated by a nurse!  But The Stick Up Deodorant formulated by Trina Felber is!

Trina is a RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA

She is a skincare biohacker.  She has revolutionized (or maybe primal-ized is a better term) the way you respond or react to your skincare!  Not sure what that means?  She know that your cells need real food as their diet to be healthy.  Big Cosmo feeds your skin a diet of carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, heavy metals, and more.  Trina has biohacked how your skin can look, feel and smell just by feeding it food!

She is a Paleo Skincare Expert.  She understands the physiology behind skincare and copy the skin, your largest organ, does absorb what it comes in contact with.  She has studied how toxins enter the body, how they are metabolized, stored and excreted.  Paleo is synonymous with “real food”.  Trina is THE expert in feeding the skin a real-food diet.  If you know what a real food diet does to your insides, you should see what it can do to your outside…  Trina knows and she has formulated over 100 products that are effective at helping to heal acne, rosacea, diminish fine lines and scars, reduce signs of aging, improve dental health by remineralization and prevent body odor!

Trina is the International Best Selling Author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret, her message about the dangers of commercial skincare.  She states “IT’S TIME TO STOP THE SKIN WAR.  If you are using big cosmo beauty products, every cell of your body is silently screaming right now.  The toxins in our skincare products are quietly wreaking havoc on our bodies and nobody is talking about it.. ”

Trina is the CEO of Primal Life Organics, Paleo Skincare.  She has formulated over 100 skincare products from real-food to provide the nutrients to the cells of the skin (and body) to allow healing to begin.  Cells that are nourished with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants are healthy and reproduce healthy cells.  These nutrients are only found in food sources.  When cells are healthy, our tissues, organs and systems are healthier.  After-all, our cells make up our tissues, tissues make up our organs, our organs make up our systems and all of our systems make up our being.  Being healthy or sick.

But don’t believe her… just ask her customers.


Want to know what she discovered about dental health... and how you can remineralize the teeth back to STRONG?  Check out her WEBINAR!  She has been honored by numerous dentist for finding the way to put the minerals back into the teeth to strengthen them.  If you think your toothpaste is making your teeth strong… think again and watch her webinar!


Want to learn why make up is hazardous to your health?  Trina knows and shares her discoveries in her article Mineral Makeup: Trust Or Trash??


Do you use Primal Life Organics Stick Up Deodorant?  VOTE it the Best Paleo Deodorant in Paleo Magazine’s Best Of 2015!!



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