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Acne Treatment, Yes to Tomato. Trust or Trash?

Types of acne pimples. Healthy skin, Whiteheads and Blackheads, Papules and Pustules
Types of acne pimples. Healthy skin, Whiteheads and Blackheads, Papules and Pustules

Trina’s Toxic Talk: Acne Treatment, Yes to Tomato. Trust or Trash?

Skincare is not always what it appears to be. Marketing deception comes in many sizes, shapes and with many promises. Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics and author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret has made it her mission to educate men, women, adolescents and children about the “toxins” that can be hidden in their skincare and the harmful effects these ingredients can have on not just the skin, but the entire body.

In this episode, Trina talks about a product called Yes to Tomato that uses “health tomatoes” as it’s obvious marketing tool to instill a sense of health and safety. The product treats acne prone skin and the promise of “clear skin” is identifiable on the package. Trina’s Toxic Talk is her opinion as to the legitimacy of their claims and how safe this really is for your skin and body.

Trina created a 100% food based system that can help skin prone to acne breakouts. Her product, Banished and Beyond for acne feed the skin the nutrients it needs to function normally. Chemicals in commercial skincare can disrupt not just our hormones, but the way the cells of the skin function and rid themselves of cellular waste products. Trina developed this system because she herself suffered from acne for over 20 years. She saw no improvements with the use of commercial acne treatments, prescription acne treatments, antibiotics, medications and other topical treatments. After realizing that food is what heals the body, she developed her own line of acne products and no longer suffers from breakouts.

banished and beyond1

Banished and Beyond Treatment for acme


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underarm rash

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Ask Trina Anything

What to use for deodorant when you do not have it with you!

You can find more information about Trina at Primal Life Organics 

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