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Liz Wolfe,, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, featured as a “nutritional expert” in OK! Magazine, writer, Paleo Magazine and co-host of Balanced Bites Podcast:

“Theres an entire WORLD of natural, skin-loving compounds out there, and Trina is an absolute expert.

It’s not an exaggeration to say my skin (and health) is better now than ever before. (Seriously – I’m glowing!) I’m so grateful to have found Trina and Primal Life Organics!”

Read full review, here.



Peggy Emch, of The Primal Parent, mathematician, writer,  and philosopher:

“To avoid the many ingredients even natural products can get away with listing, I usually just mix up some oils at home and use that. But now I have an even better alternative, Primal Life Organics, Her products really are 100% natural and by natural I mean that not only can you actually pronounce all of the ingredients in her products but you have likely heard of every single one of them,”

Read full interview/review @ The Primal Parent

Arsy, blogger behind Rubies and Radishes:
I have “mature” skin and and have had serious issues with dry, peeling skin on my nose for a couple ofyears.  I’ve tried the simple to the expensive – coconut oil to prescription creams with little improvement.  After less than a week using the Infiniti moisturizer and serum, I’m seeing noticeable improvement for the first time!  In fact, my entire face seems more vibrant and the texture of my skin is so smooth.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the continued improvements in the weeks to come!”

Read the full review @ Rubies and Radishes.

Lauren of SimplyPaleo:
“I’ve looked long and hard, high and low for a natural deodorant.  I’m not gonna lie, I was the stinky kid for a while.  Nothing ever worked.
 I’ve been wearing the pit stick for 3 days now and have smelled like a mellow coconut ever since, even after the workout last night! No bullshit people, this product is incredible!”
Read the full review @ Simply Paleo



Amy, the blogger behind Paleosophy:

I have been using the products now for about a month and the results are phenomenal!  My skin is glowing, my rashes/ acne is cleared up, and I am off all the medications.  The face wash, serum and moisturizer all make your face feel clean, balanced and so fresh!  The body butter is equally amazing and gives your body such a pretty glow (especially when the sun reflects off it).”
Read the full review @ Paleosophy.
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