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The Things We Do To Look Younger

Dermaplaning- What is it? Is it safe? The things we do to look younger!

Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.  Models use it… but what about us??

Trina explores and explains what it is, how it works, and if it’s safe… at watch for her LIVE Facebook episode on Thursday, October 13th at 2pm EST when she has this procedure done and the aesthetician gives play-by-play details.


Stay tuned for the LIVE video- or watch it LIVE Thursday October 13th at 2pm EST!

By the way, once the exfoliation is complete, what you put on your skin will penetrate much more and faster!  This is the best time to use something incredible like a vitamin C serum.  Vitamin C is extremely healing and loaded with antioxidants.  C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum will help improve the results you get from your Dermplaning procedure!

Check out C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum!  Get 20% off C-ex using coupon code DERMAPLANING (coupon expires October 20, 2016)


Do Your Own Facelift… Daily!

Redefining Beauty…

Redefining Beauty…

Hey Beautiful,


I remember a day a few years back when I didn’t feel so beautiful…

I was 39 years old and my forehead had a forest of acne… yes, tiny bumps that took up residency there in my teens and never really left. I was frustrated. Angry. Sad. Embarrassed. Lonely (because I felt like no one understood what it was like to live with acne). But most of all, I was afraid!

I lived in fear that my acne would never go away.

I remember spending so much money on products that never worked. Not only did I suffer from acne, but my skin was dull, lifeless, blotchy and saggy. Definitely not beautiful… but don’t feel sorry for me…. there is a happy ending!

We live in a culture that promotes impossible standards of beauty…

Except that men, and most women, think it is possible. Be honest, when you see a picture of a beautiful woman… you perceive it to be real and it sets a standard in your subconscious.

Like it or not, our brains perceive beauty as a standard we need to achieve. Every magazine contains countless airbrushed images of beautiful models.

My question is this: If beautiful models can cause otherwise rational women to crumble in their presence, exactly how powerful is beauty?

Powerful. Very powerful. So powerful, most women have spent hundreds, even thousand of dollars trying to achieve the impossible standard of beauty. We set the bar so high, we no longer care about what is inside the bottle, just the promises it makes.

By the way, reverse engineer your thoughts… beauty is possible, but it has to be real in your life, not in your mind. My desire for beauty is no different than yours. I want beauty. I want lasting beauty. I want eternal beauty. While I know that age happens, I want to slow the rate I see it…

Why do I call myself a skincare biohacker? Because I have hacked a better way to preserve beauty. I know that my cells are real. Artificial has no place inside my body. Artificial ingredients, by nature, cannot nourish real cells- in fact, artificial causes premature cell death and mutation (not exactly the picture of natural beauty). My acne mysteriously disappeared when I ditched Big Cosmo. Suddenly, after feeding my skin food made products, acne became a memory and my skin came alive in color and tone.

I achieved beauty. Today, at the age of 48, my skin is radiant. Gone are the dull days… hello to beauty! I feel like the air brushed models I once envied.

If you want real beauty, it begins with food… skin food. That is the secret that I have found to lasting youth and preserving beauty. I raise the standards of beauty… for real.

I created a way to quickly heal acne… reduce redness, inflammation and heal zits almost overnight.  If food heals our insides… why wouldn’t it do the same for our largest organ?  Check out Banished and Beyond made to help treat acne!

Want to know more… check me out here!

C-Ex Q&A with Liz Wolfe and Trina Felber

100% Natural Solution For Whiter, Cleaner, Stronger Teeth With Fresh Breath

Do Your Own Facelift… Daily!

I just discovered my new favorite yoga moves!! These poses will not only improve your flexibility, but could assist you in performing your own mini-facelift!  No surgery required!  Try it mid-day, it will also wake you up!

Want more BANG!  Add a true anti-aging moisturizer and you will really see results.

By TRUE, I mean something without WATER!  Most moisturizers are close to 70% water.  Water does not hydrate your skin.  In fact, it does not get absorbed at all.  Instead, it evaporates and as it does, it takes with it some of your own protective natural oils.  This further dehydrates your skin.  Let me give you a visual.  Would you rather have skin like a plum or a prune?

I’m sure your answer is plum- it’s full, round and full of “juice”!  It’s healthy!  A prune (while I love to eat them) is really a dehydrated plum.  When you use a moisturizer that contains water and it pulls the moisture from your skin, you end up dehydrated.  Dehydrated skin looks saggy, sallow and wrinkled (like the prune).

Along with doing the “anti-aging face lift” yoga poses, using an oil-based, water free skincare formula will benefit your cells, improve your tone, texture, color and give you that natural ‘”lift” you crave almost instantly!  It adds the juice to your facial tissue just like the plum!

WHY? Because your skin loves oil.  In fact, in order to cross through your skin cells, it must be lipophilic- or fat loving (oil).  The best skincare is a blend of oils, essential oils, herbs and foods.

I created my skincare line to feed and nourish the skin the way the it wants to be fed.  You see immediate results because it provides the cells with the proper nutrition.  Healthy cells are plump and full.

My favorite anti-aging TIP: The fastest way to “anti-age” is to put oil on your skin. Avoid products with water. For more information, read Water In Your Skincare: Trust Or Trash

My favorite products for a natural face lift?  C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum, Beyond Serum and Beyond Moisturizer.  Devine, delicious and truly anti-aging!  Adding a true moisturizer will make these yoga poses much more effective!  Have fun… and join me on Facebook every Wednesday at 12 noon EST for our 15 minute Work In Yoga Session!

Enjoy Fumiko Takatsu and her Non Surgical Face Lift Yoga Moves!

Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 30: Creates An Environment Of Natural Immunity

Day 30: How ACV Creates An Environment Of Natural Immunity In Your Body

If the dreaded common cold wipes you out, your allergies are getting worse each year, skin conditions are invading your largest organ and you have unexplained and vague symptoms (fatigue, foggy brain) … your immune system could be compromised!

In today’s episode, Trina explains how ACV can build your natural immune system and protect you against disease, viral infection and other problems you may not associate with your immune system!

It’s a simple, easy solution that takes less than 10 seconds a day!

This might be day 30… but it is not over!  Trina will be posting bonus material so stay tuned!  Keep up the great work… in these past 30 days, you have created a healthy habit that will impact the rest of your life!  Cheers!

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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 29: ACV Can Help Relieve or Resolve Headaches and Migraines

While there are numerous causes of headaches and migraines, and many often seek over-the-counter and prescription medications, there might be a safer, more natural alternative that is worth a try!

Today’s episode of the #ACVChallenge, Trina, a migraine sufferer herself, discusses how ACV can help put an end to your “pain in the head! With no side effects, indulging in a shot-a-day of ACV, it is worth a try! Trina also offers a recipe for an ACV vapor treatment to help relieve a current headache or migraine!

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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 28: ACV Can Help Relieve and Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis can cause chronic inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the fingers, hands, knees, elbows, hips, jaw, and any other joint in the body. Depleted mineral content in our body can worsen the symptoms and pain of arthritis.  Although arthritis cannot be cured, you can get relief from its symptoms and you can help prevent it from happening!

ACV offers many health benefits, and can be an effective, natural treatment and preventative for arthritis.  Today, Trina discusses how ACV can help you feel better in your joints!

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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 27: ACV Can Help You Build Bone Mass

If you are over the age of 30, you are probably losing bone mass.

Did you now that the prescribed medication bisphosphonates (like Fosamax); are in the same chemical class (phosphonate) as the cleaners used to remove soap scum from your bath tub?

These types of medications are metabolic poisons that actually kill your osteoclasts. Osteoclasts are cells that break down your bone so your osteoblasts can rebuild them.

Decreased bone mass begins around the age of 30, for both men and women. Unfortunately, we often don’t “feel” any different until the destruction is underway. ACV can help put the mass back in your bones safely and naturally and can help prevent bone loss! Today, Trina explains how ACV could help build your bones!

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