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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 26: ACV Helps Improve Your Hair

Many hair-care products available are severely alkaline, which can have a detrimental effect on your hair. Apple cider vinegar nourishes the hair and follicle to create a healthy scalp and luscious locks!

Today, Trina dives into how ACV:

• Provides the nutrients your insides need to product healthy hair
• Restores the hair outer protective layer
• Balances your hair/scalp pH
• Improves your scalp health
• Stimulates hair follicle growth
• Helps eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp
….all 100% naturally and safely!

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100% Natural Solution For Whiter, Cleaner, Stronger Teeth With Fresh Breath

100% natural solution to clean, strengthen, whiten your teeth and freshen your breath!

Clay naturally detoxifies, cleans, whitens and strengthens teeth.  It is the secret behind the success of Primal Life Organics toothpowder to help heal sensitive teeth, cavities and restore gum tissue.

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is made of a proprietary blend of three mineral rich clays (white kaolin, bentonite and french green) that will help:

  • Gently clean your teeth
  • Naturally whiten your teeth
  • Remineralize and strengthen your teeth
  • Detoxify the gum tissue and naturally freshen your breath

Dirty Mouth toothpowder is made from a blend of three different earth-given clays that contain the exact minerals your teeth need to stay strong and healthy.  Clay is the perfect solution to natural dental health because clay naturally and quickly pulls toxins from tissues and expels them from the body.  Clay naturally and gently cleans and pulls discolorations from your teeth leaving them cleaner and whiter.  Clay is mineral rich- and your teeth are made up of minerals.  Every day, we lose minerals from our teeth.  Because our diet and soil are both depleted of minerals, dental health is declining and the teeth are more at risk of cavities.  Dirty Mouth contains mineral rich clay that puts the exact minerals your teeth need, right where you need them, every time you brush helping to improve the strength of your teeth and rebuild your enamel.

Fresher Breath?  It‘s possible because Dirty Mouth Toothpowder does not contain any harsh ingredients (SLS, Triclosan, artificial sweeteners) that will destroy the natural bacteria that protect your gums and teeth.  Your natural bacteria help prevent the overgrowth of “bad bacteria” that causes bad breath and gum disease.  Loss of your protective bacteria can also lead for the breakdown of your enamel.  Harsh ingredients can destroy natural protective bacteria and cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria that leads to bad breath and gum disease.

Dirty Mouth toothpowder naturally helps create stronger, whiter and fresher smiles made from 100% natural ingredients.  Clay based because without minerals your teeth could demineralize and breakdown.

Increasing the integrity of your smile… naturally!

More Whitening POWER?  We added charcoal to our BLACK formula.  Charcoal strongly binds to discolorations and leaves your teeth whiter and brighter 100% naturally.  Black is the new white!

Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 25: ACV Can Help Fade Ugly Bruises

Do you bruise easily and sometimes even wonder where that nasty bruise even came from?

ACV can help quickly heal wounds and fade bruises. It’s a 100% natural alternative that works with your body to promote healing.. Trina discusses why ACV works so well in this episode! Cheers to ‪#‎WhatTheHealth‬

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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 24: ACV Can Help Prevent Cancer

ACV has many health benefits. Because it improves so many aspects of your health, your immune system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system and your cellular health can function properly. ACV can also create a healthier environment that only healthy cells can thrive. Today, Trina talks about the impact that creating a healthy internal environment can have on mutated cells and cancer.

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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 23: ACV Helps Boost Stamina and Energy

Day 23: How ACV Helps Boost Stamina and Energy

More than 50% of Americans drink at least 2 cup of coffee each day- and I am taking a wild guess that it is not for the “taste”!

Want to ditch the caffeine-low coffee can cause? Want a more natural “high” energy state?

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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 22: Improve Can Improve Your Mood

An apple a day keeps the Dr. away.

But a little apple cider vinegar (ACV) everyday can keep depression away!
Yes! It’s true! Amongst other health benefits, ACV can increase serotonin levels in your brain… your “feel good” neurotransmitters!

Today, Trina explains how ACV gets into your happy head!
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Apple Cider Vinegar 30 Day Challenge – Day 21: How ACV Can Help Deodorize Your Feet

Bye-Bye Stinky Feet!

ACV not only helps battle body odor, it can also keep stinky feet under control, and it’s all thanks to its ability to balance the pH of your skin. Trina explains HOW THIS HAPPENS during today’s episode! Cheers!!


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