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Call Of Beauty: Episode 1

Entrepreneurship is a road full of unexpected twists and turns. Some of my favorite moments in my journey include the people I have met along the way.  Talking with other business-minded forward thinkers plays an integral part of my success and the success of my business.

Maybe you want to start a business of your own?  Or are an entrepreneur yourself?  Maybe you want to learn more about my journey?

I have joined forces with Rachael McCrary, CEO and founder of Jewel Toned.  She is revolutionizing the way women view (and wear) their shape wear.  We have created Call Of Beauty, a podcast about the life of starting your own business!

Meet Rachael. Rachael and I became friends when we were both guests on Business Rockstars. We share ideas, thoughts and feelings on creating and scaling a company while trying to fit in family, exercise, that hot new restaurant and well….life. If you’re interested in continuing the conversation about that, we’ve started a web series.  


Watch Call Of Beauty

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