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The Deadly Shave


It’s your morning routine, you jump in the shower, wash your face and shave your legs. Or nightly endeavor.  The kids just fell asleep. You hop in the shower, take a few minutes to yourself, and smooth those legs! Whether it’s your morning or nighttime routine, what you’re using to beautify yourself could be…deadly.

The shaving ritual…we’ve all been there. Nothing feels better than smooth, soft skin in our face, pits, legs and the nether regions. Before you reach for your next container of shaving cream, lotion or gel; buyer beware. You just might be reaching for a can of chemicals that can cause cancer, disrupt your hormonal system and invade your brain (neurotoxicity).

Did you know? Commercial skincare is un-regulated and a multitude of chemicals are added to prolong shelf life, emulsify (mix) water and oil, add a scent (fragrance) or stabilize a product. The Environmental Working Group estimates that at least 20% of chemicals used in cosmetics could cause cancer!

Your skin is your largest, and possibly your most vulnerable organ. Think about what you come in contact with, daily- environmental pollutants from the air, water and soil..but wait… that’s just some of your skin’s exposure! The exposure to chemicals rapidly multiplies with every commercial skincare product used (yes, take a look at the products in your cabinets and bathrooms) – soap, shampoo, conditioner, styling agents, sprays, deodorants, sun screen, toothpaste, lotions, your favorite perfume or cologne. Not only is your skin the portal of entry for chemicals, but the innate protective mechanism of your skin can be destroyed by the chemicals in commercial products the very ones that are within reach in your home!

Let’s get scientific. The sebum (natural oil) that moisturizes the skin contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Your skin surface harbors protective bacteria that live synergistically with you. It is estimated that the number of bacteria living in and on the human body outnumbers the body’s internal cells 10 to 1. These lipophilic microbes (natural surface bacteria) consume the glycol portion of the MCT (from the sebum) and leaves behind medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). These MCFA kill pathogenic bacteria, virus, and fungi. Commercial soaps and the chemicals (including alcohol) in most skincare products can strip away these natural defenders and leave your skin very vulnerable to infections.

So what’s the point? SHAVING.

Shaving increases the risk even further- the scraping of the razor not only removes some of the natural defenses, but can also cause micro tears in the surface of the skin itself. These open wounds can permit a chemical invasion directly into your tissues and bloodstream.

The Deadly Toxins in Shaving Cream…

By exposing ourselves to all of these chemicals, we’re not just making our entire beings susceptible to skin irritation and infection; we also run the risk of wiping out vital defense mechanisms that keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Shaving creams today are mass-produced with toxic ingredients that include phthalates, perfume (fragrance) and triethanolamine. These ingredients are also commonly found in household soaps, shampoos, detergents and toothpastes. (Do yourself a favor and memorize these repeat offenders so you can be smart when you read your labels… you do read your labels, right?)

The Risk To Your Health:

Phthalates: Phthalates can disrupt your hormonal system, which can harm important balances throughout the entire body, including those impacting the immune system, reproductive system, metabolism, and brain. Traces of phthalate metabolites found in human urine are associated with obesity and insulin resistance in men because they inhibit testosterone function. About 80% of people are exposed to this type of toxin.

Perfume (fragrance): There was a time I loved the smell of products- and my perfumes. Today, the fake smell nauseates me! Perfume or fragrance is a potpourri of toxicity, with many of the 3,000 chemicals used to make fragrance untested — neither in isolation nor in combination. Some that have been submitted to lab tests, however, have been associated with neurotoxicity and cancer.

Triethanolamine: This is an amine produced by reacting ethylene oxide (considered highly toxic) with ammonia (another known toxin). It is used as a buffering agent, masking and fragrance ingredient, and surfactant, in addition to its primary use as a pH adjuster. (

It is a known skin and respiratory toxicant. What’s more, animal studies have also shown Triethanolamine can cause bladder and liver cancer, as well as cell mutation in testicles. My husband says “No, thank you!”

Other common offenders that invade shaving creams, numerous skincare products and ultimately your body, include parabens, which increase the risk of breast cancer in women, and sodium lauryl sulfate, which is toxic to organs and can cause cell mutation that leads to cancer.

Some of these toxins do not bio-accumulate. Your body is capable of flushing poisons out of your system under proper conditions that include eating right (real foods – fresh, colorful, organic, natural foods), drinking enough water (hydration status) and avoiding pharmaceuticals and current health status.

Steady exposure, or over-exposure, to toxins, however, can mean your body has trouble keeping up the fight. Despite your body’s natural efforts, you can become increasingly vulnerable as long as you continue applying poisons.

My battle against chemicals began over seven years ago. Along my journey to ultimate health, creating a shaving cream for my husband and myself was a priority because I know each little nick in the skin increases the risk of absorbing chemicals that alter our being.

I used to shave with just oil, and this does the trick. But I did not like the greasy aftermath left on my shower floor. It was so slick I was afraid either my kids, or myself would slip and fall.

It took me two years to perfect my chemical-free, natural shaving cream- something that would shave smooth, leave me soft and silky, yet rinse away without leaving the greasy residue I despised. Finally, a version for both men and women is available from Primal Life Organics.


One Leg Up™ Breezi Shaving Cream for women from Primal Life Organics

Gruff™ Shaving Cream (Wisemen) for men and One Leg Up™ Breezi for women, contains shea and babassu butters to soften and moisturize both facial and body hair. Coconut soap and coco glucoside provide the slick, fast moving action for a really close shave. Eucalyptus and frankinsence help to restore and heal any micro damage and razor burn that can occur during a close shave. You are left with soft, moisturized skin and a Not-So-Deadly close shave.

Protect, heal, nourish and smooth your skin, wherever your razor may roam with Primal Life Organics natural shaving creams.  Gruff™ Mens Line also includes Gruff™ After-Shave, Gruff™ Beard Oil and Gruff™ Shaving Package For Men.



A message to all my fellow countrymen out there: if you’re so inclined to shave, you should give this stuff by @primallifeorg aIMG_2851 shot. I’ve tried a lot of “natural” options, and have tried all the conventional brands too. This is the only stuff I’ve ever used that actually makes me WANT to shave. As a guy with thick and curly hair, sometimes shaving is a legit disaster. This little pair of products has changed my whole attitude. If you wanna check it out, I’ve thrown a live link to Trina’s website in our profile. 💈 ~Bill (Primal Palate)

*****Beat all my expectations! (One Leg Up™ Shaving Cream for women)

Shaving cream was the last of my drug store, chemical ridden hold outs. I could never find a natural one I liked and I tried coconut oil but was never crazy about it. I love all my PLO products but honestly didn’t have super high hopes for this one but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. I was blown away by how much I loved it!! A little truly goes a long was and it gives me a wonderful, close shave. I cannot thank you enough for this and all your products! I very enthusiastically recommend!

Longer lasting shave (One Leg Up™ Shaving Cream for women)

Veronica on Jun 21, 2015

Just for fun, I did a little experiment. I shaved one leg using One Leg Up, and one leg using only water, just to see if there really was a difference. I am blown away. I’ve been shaving with just water for years (partly out of laziness, partly to stay away from the chemicals), and I was skeptical that I would really see that big of a difference, but I definitely did! My water leg was stubbly the next day (as usual), and my One Leg Up leg is still smooth and soft TWO DAYS later! My One Leg Up leg is also not as dry as my water leg. And did I mention that it smells amazing and makes your shower feel like an aroma therapy sauna? You’ve made a believer out of me!

Finally a product that helps!!  (Gruff Shaving Cream for men)

I purchase the Shaving Cream and After Shave for my husband with the hopes that it would not end up in the drawer where there is an accumulation of jars/bottles of stuff that didn’t live up to their promises. My husband is the most skeptical person alive! He has starting having extreme dryness and red patchy skin. Shaving was uncomfortable and seemed to cause more problems. After the first time using the Gruff products, he commented how good his skin felt. We are now into week 2 of using the products and we are seeing an improvement with his skin condition. The redness is going away and the dryness is clearing up. He no longer dreads shaving!! Thanks!


Benzoyl Peroxide: Trust Or Trash


Mineral Makeup: Trust Or Trash


Why Does My Sweat Stink??


C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum

one leg up breezi.LR1

One Leg Up™ Shaving Cream for Women

2015-05-28 10.32.09

Gruff™ Shaving Package for Men

Celebrate Beautiful Hair… Naturally Get Back To Your Roots!

Hair BannerApproximately eight years ago, when I gave up Big Cosmo and threw away almost every beauty product they offer, I reluctantly ditched my hair products as well! Gone went the toxic shampoos, conditioners, mousse, gels, smoothers, volumizers, texturizers and sprays!

Talk about motivation to create my own healthy alternative! Bad hair days, ponytails and hats became a wardrobe staple for a while. I was lucky that my work uniform as a CRNA included not only full hair coverage, but also a facemask!

WHY Dirty Poo?? (dirty what??)

When I decided to make “healthy” a lifestyle, not just a diet- I realized very quickly that this lifestyle includes everything in my environment that I can control. It was a “purification” process that included not just skincare and makeup- but hair care as well. I know that my scalp is one of the most vascular areas of my body- have you ever had a cut or laceration on your scalp? It bleeds like crazy and can make a very tiny cut seem like it’s a huge gaping wound! My 15-year career as an ICU/Trauma nurse proved this as well, especially during motorcycle season. Head wounds were common and I was always amazed at just how vascular the scalp is.

So, knowing this, finding an alternative to chemical laden shampoo and styling agents became a mission. I tried the No-Poo method (washing with baking soda only), and it actually worked quite well- but after a few months, I began to feel like my hair was dry and course. Not soft and silky like I wanted.

I also knew that my scalp needs nourishment- just like every other part of my body. Baking soda provides no real nourishment for my scalp. It is lacking in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and other basic nutritional structures that my hair and scalp desire to remain healthy and feel soft and silky.

So off I went to my ingredient supply and formulated Dirty Poo. I mixed together three different clays, a few herbs and some food ingredients so I could clean and nourish my hair and scalp. When I thought about life millions of years ago- I had to wonder how primitive societies cleansed and bathed. It dawned on me that most likely, they used what nature offered in their own environment. Earth’s soil bed is comprised largely of clay- and clay contains minerals that innately have a strong negative ionic charge, which acts as a “magnet” that readily attracts any substance with a positive ionic charge. Substances that carry a positive ionic charge include toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other impurities.

I can speculate (or imagine, if you will) that if I were a primitive human, and I wanted to bathe, I might use the dirt of the earth to wash the grime of the day away from my hair and body. It actually sounds quite amazing, and in reality, mud baths are a luxury at most SPAs and resorts today. Imagine a time when taking a mud bath was normal!

So, add the minerals offered by the clays with herbs and foods that provide the protein structures, essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients, and I created a Poo that not only cleans the hair, but nourishes it and the scalp as well. Because of the negative ionic charge, clay attracts the impurities, draws them out of the hair and scalp and carries them away with the rinse. The scalp is nourished and cleansed but natural oils remain intact. Used alone or mixed with other ingredients, clay can purify, cleanse, tone, heal, soothe and nourish skin and hair. Dirty Poo™ a safe alternative to commercial shampoo and free from all parabens, mineral oils, silicones, fragrance.


Dirty Poo™ Hair Wash and all hair products on sale May 23-25, 2015 for 20% off

Hair’s to Memorial Day Weekend! Celebrate your hair and get 20% off ALL hair products and packages May 23-25, 2015. *No coupon necessary

*Sale includes Dirty Poo Hair Wash, Shampoo Bar, Hair Serum, Sweet Hair Spray, Salty Hair Texturizer and all hair packages.


I care about your hair and your health! ~Trina Felber, CEO, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA

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