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Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder Helps Children with Sensory Processing Disorder


I always love to hear from those that use Primal Life Organics Skin-Food. I want to know how my creations change their skin and their life. Whenever I get a letter that mentions children, I always take a deep breath- and then I read! As adults, we know that “natural” doesn’t always mean “tasty” and when it comes to oral hygiene products it is important that the products be palatable as well as effective. As adults, we can make ourselves tolerate a “different” taste as long as we feel the product is worth it. Children do not do this! Children are my most challenging critiques! Children will not use a product that they do not like. They use words like “spicy” and “yucky” or “hot” and it will not matter that the product is “good” for them. I have three little critiques at home. A 4 1/2 year old and two 2 1/2 year olds. Any children’s product must pass their approval before I continue with it.

I recently received two letters from frustrated moms. The first was a letter from Amy expressing her need to re-order. She stated that one of the products she had to re-order was the toothpowder because her son had taken possession of hers! I needed to know more. In conversing with her, she stated that her son suffers from a Sensory Processing Disorder and he has never been able to brush his teeth with regular toothpaste. Her story is amazing and I will let her tell it as she lives it. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to learn about SPD and be able to help a young child overcome one of life’s many obstacles!


The second is from Beth, a dear friend of mine for 17 years. Beth and I recently had breakfast together and I was telling her about my new creations. I mentioned Amy ‘s story about her son and their success with Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder. Instantly, Beth related a similar story about her 10-year-old son. I sent Beth home with some Natural Dirty Mouth Toothpowder- hoping her story would end the same as Amy’s. Here are their stories. I hope this reaches other mom’s who struggle with their children to brush their teeth- I also posted a few tips below on how to transition kids to the toothpowder- because it will be an adjustment for them!


Hi Trina!

My son is now 11 years old and has outgrown a lot of it…or rather it’s become more manageable. He was diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Dysfunction when he was 5 years old. His kindergarten teacher noticed that he had trouble gripping his pencil and wasn’t favoring one hand over another. Although we noticed other signs of SPD even as a baby, we didn’t know what they meant and had never even heard of SPD or sensory related issues or what caused it. Aaron (my son) was born 5 weeks premature and had to spend almost 2 weeks in NICU. When we brought him home we began noticing little things like uneasiness to sounds, sometimes to the point of being unable to console him and I sometimes had a hard time feeding him a bottle. As he got older we noticed more sensitivities to loud noises- to the point that it would cause him trauma and pain. Then we noticed certain foods and their textures he would not eat. He was/is a very cautious child and when learning to ride a bike, fell off once and has never gotten back on in spite of our prodding and helping. As a baby he was actually very good and could be content with one toy, but as a toddler he began to line up his toys and would get highly frustrated if things were out of place. We took him to a neurologist to be tested for autism (although I had my doubts that this was what it was since I have two nephews with Asperger’s) and we were told that he was too sociable and did not have autism.

Back to kindergarten….. the school recommended Occupational Therapy and this is where we were given a “label”, if you will, for some of his behaviors. One such behavior was resistance to brushing his teeth! When it came time for this, he would push my hand away or clench his mouth closed. Getting him to brush on his own was impossible and short of holding him down to brush them myself, I could not seem to win this battle…it seemed to just bring him too much discomfort to brush his teeth! As a result he had to have his 12 yr. molar extracted (due to it rotting) when he was about 6-7 yrs. old. I felt like the worse mother on the planet!!! I bought special toothbrushes, kiddie toothpastes, stickers, you name it…I tried it!!!

It wasn’t until just a year ago at age 10 (standing over him once again to brush his teeth and pleading with him to brush) that he finally…finally verbalized the reason for not wanting to brush!

“The toothpaste burns my mouth, mommy.”

OH!!!!! Relief!!! It wasn’t the actual brushing, but the strong flavor; especially the mint based toothpastes, were just too much for his sensitive little mouth. We tried all sorts of flavors, but most of them were still just too strong for him. The baking soda based toothpastes seemed to work the best but he still wasn’t brushing as he should and would brush for a few seconds, then immediately spit. After my mother passed away of cancer, I began a mission to find safer household/cosmetic products and when it came to the toothpaste, I still hadn’t found one myself (other than baking soda alone) to be as “clean/safe” as I wanted it to be and still be effective enough to clean my teeth. As a result of the many life-changes we were instituting, including cleaner eating with the Paleo diet due to multiple food allergies, I stumbled upon an add for Primal Life Organics. I decided to purchase the skin care products as well as the toothpowder for myself to try.

To make a very long story short….. my son observed me brushing my teeth one morning with the Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder and asked if he could try it! He immediately LOVED it and exclaimed that it didn’t burn his mouth, it STAYED on his toothbrush, made his breath smell good and that he liked that it made his teeth white (something that he is becoming self conscious about now that he is older). I haven’t seen that little tin since! Now needing to place another order for my OWN toothpowder….thankfully!! Can’t thank you enough, Trina for creating such a wonderful product! Little did you know when you made it just HOW MUCH it would help one such little person! Thank you!



I just wanted to let you know just how much we are loving your products!!! Aaron LOVES his orange toothpowder and comes running to me every morning all smiles and showing me his pearly white teeth !! I LOVE it!!


From Beth:

For years I have struggled with my now ten-year-old son, Ben to use toothpaste. Morning and night I would stand over him putting toothpaste on his brush only to have him rinse it off! Ben has always hated the taste and texture of toothpaste and has fought using it. I thought maybe he was just being stubborn or going thru a “stage”. Well, it’s been going on for almost ten years now and I’m sure it’s not a “stage”! It must be a sensory issue because he literally cannot stand the taste of toothpaste. I can’t even count how many types of toothpaste he has tried in order to find the “right” one! I can’t begin to tell you the aggravation this has caused Ben and me as well.

A couple weeks ago after telling Trina about Ben’s toothpaste issue, she suggested he try her Dirty Mouth Primal toothpowder in Natural flavor.

I really didn’t think Ben would try it let alone like it but I thought what the heck, couldn’t hurt to try! So, I offered him an extra half hour of playing time on his Xbox in exchange for just one try. (Sometimes you have to do what you have to do!)

I couldn’t believe it….! He actually liked it!!!! I was blown away! Here’s a kid who had refused ALL other toothpastes and FINALLY we found one!!! Sounds a bit dramatic but its life changing! No more fights about brushing. It makes mornings and bedtime so much more enjoyable!!

I am also now hooked on Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder myself. I use the spearmint and LOVE it! I will never use regular toothpaste again. I love how smooth and clean my teeth feel after using it and my teeth look whiter after just a few times!

I am truly excited about this product and would definitely recommend this to everyone, especially if you have a child, like mine, who has difficulty with tooth brushing! Thank you Trina for sharing this product with me and I will be ordering lots more for Ben and me as well as the rest of my family!!

Try Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder and receive 10% off with coupon code “dirty mouth” good thru May 16th. Discount good on Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder, Dirty Mouth Boost Primal Gum Serum and Dirty Mouth Primal Package.


Primal Life Organics suggests either the Natural or Cool Orange flavor for children. The easiest way to get young children to make the switch is to start by applying a small amount of the toothpowder to their brush, then applying their toothpaste on top of it. Gradually decrease the amount of toothpaste over the next 2-3 weeks until none is needed.

For older kids, it is best to let them watch you brush your teeth with your “cool new toothpowder” and let their interest get the best of them.

For all kids- it is fun to show them the color of the toothpowder before they brush (beige) and when they spit- they literally spit mud- showing how “dirty” their teeth really were. Works like a charm. They are amazed that their teeth were indeed that dirty. Maybe mom does know what she is talking about after all!

The toothpowder from Primal Life Organics (Dirty Mouth Primal Toothpowder) is made from direct-from-the-earth ingredients, no laboratory required. Our toothpowder provides protection from plaque and cavities, delivers nutrients for healthy gums and teeth, and can be used without fear of the ingestion of toxins. This toothpowder provides essential minerals that can be absorbed through gum tissue and porous teeth. It whitens and cleans with gently abrasive earthen clays, and leaves the delicate oral tissues feeling fresh.

Read this for more information about the dangers that could be lurking in your toothpaste.

Also available in Refills.


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