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Want more energy? Want to get more done and stay active?

Need a trick to get out of bed, motivated to workout? Maybe it's all in your head...

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Toothpaste: Trust or Trash??

Not all toothpastes are created equal. It sounds so harmless... but that's exactly what Big Cosmo wants you to believe! Watch this video, and you decide!

Not all toothpastes improve the strength of your teeth. Some toothpastes are so detrimental to your health, they contain a poison control warning statement. When was the last time you turned your tube over and READ the label?? If you see this.... Buyer beware! Your health is in immediate danger, your gums may shed some blood and your teeth are at risk for falling out!

Learn HOW to protect your teeth and increase the chance of taking them with you to your grave! You can change the condition of your teeth, but you will have to change WHAT you put IN YOUR MOUTH!

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Acne Treatment, Yes to Tomato. Trust or Trash?

Skincare is not always what it appears to be. Marketing deception comes in many sizes, shapes and with many promises. n this episode, Trina talks about a product called Yes to Tomato that uses "health tomatoes" as it's obvious marketing tool to instill a sense of health and safety. The product treats acne prone skin and the promise of "clear skin" is identifiable on the package. Trina's Toxic Talk is her opinion as to the legitimacy of their claims and how safe this really is for your skin and body.

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Caught Stinky and Without Deodorant?? Here are a few things you can use in a pinch…

Do you sometimes notice an odor in your armpits mid-day? No deodorant in sight.... what can you use?? I have a few ideas!

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