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C-Ex Q&A with Liz Wolfe and Trina Felber

The experts that created the best vitamin C serum available answer the most frequently asked questions about their real-food sourced serum creatively named C-Ex.

Liz and Trina discuss:

  • Why they chose the ingredients in C-ex
  • What makes C-ex different from other vitamin C serums available
  • Why C-Ex is more expensive than other vitamin C serums
    … and general life topics (beauty, kids, work, family, staying young)

It’s a NATURAL vitamin C serum, utilizing the world’s most vitamin C rich oils and superfood extracts, and vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that brings life back to the skin – “ex-ing” out damage and deterioration.

C-Ex Serum and Coffee Bean Face Serum are

ON SALE 25% off through July 5th!

Antioxidants found in vitamins are one of the most powerful ways to protect the skin, destroy free radicals and recover your young looking skin. Vitamin C is a POWERFUL antioxidant, and we wanted to harness its power in a natural, nutrient-packed serum!

This serum will help

      • bring softness and elasticity back to the skin,
      • make skin tone more vibrant and supple, and
      • provide anti-oxidants to tired, dragging, damaged skin!


File Jun 30, 4 03 54 PM

Ineffective Vitamin C Preparations: Wanting to offer vitamin C products, many companies have used derivatives of vitamin C, such as ascorbyl palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Derivatives are easier to stabilize, but they are not L-ascorbic acid, which is the only form of vitamin C the body can use. Furthermore, lab-made vitamin C can cause more harm than good. For more information about the harmful effects of lab-made vitamin C, please read this.

LIz Trina Paleo fx

Liz Wolfe and Trina Felber at Paleo Fx 2014- where the creative idea for C-Ex vitamin C face serum was born

Call Of Beauty: Episode 1

Entrepreneurship is a road full of unexpected twists and turns. Some of my favorite moments in my journey include the people I have met along the way.  Talking with other business-minded forward thinkers plays an integral part of my success and the success of my business.

Maybe you want to start a business of your own?  Or are an entrepreneur yourself?  Maybe you want to learn more about my journey?

I have joined forces with Rachael McCrary, CEO and founder of Jewel Toned.  She is revolutionizing the way women view (and wear) their shape wear.  We have created Call Of Beauty, a podcast about the life of starting your own business!

Meet Rachael. Rachael and I became friends when we were both guests on Business Rockstars. We share ideas, thoughts and feelings on creating and scaling a company while trying to fit in family, exercise, that hot new restaurant and well….life. If you’re interested in continuing the conversation about that, we’ve started a web series.  


Watch Call Of Beauty

To celebrate you, and to make sure you are always wearing cute undies and safe natural products use the code:


for 20% off both of our websites:





Work-In Pilates TODAY!!

Work your core, strengthen your muscles, improve your mind and body… but remember to create a variety of interests.  Don’t get stuck in a yogi-rut.  Experiment with Pilates and you will not only improve the integrity of your spine, but your yoga practice will improve too!

Today’s yoga session is actually a Pilates experience. If you are a yogi, it is very beneficial to alternate different types of yoga, or add a few pilates classes to your schedule. Stacey is the owner of Barre Pose Studio in Akron, Ohio and she describes the benefits of pilates and takes the staff of Primal Life Organics through a 15 minute class! Enjoy! This was an amazing class- so share this with your family and friends!

Check out Primal Life Organics… making skincare that helps you look younger, feel better and live longer!

Will putting oil on my skin “shut off” my own oil production?

Fear of putting oil on the skin is very common. Natural skincare is commonly made mostly from oils. Trina Felber, Natural Skincare Expert and international best selling author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret explains how putting oil on the skin helps the skin function better and look younger.

Learn more about Trina:

The best natural skincare:

How Charcoal Whitens Teeth

Charcoal has many benefits including the ability to pull toxins from the body.

Charcoal is very effective at detoxifying the body.  It is the agent used in the Emergency Room for overdoses caused by drugs and alcohol.  It can be used to help rid the GI system of unwanted toxins as well as pull toxins from the tissues.

Did you know it is also very effective at whitening the teeth?  The same properties that make it effective at detoxifying the body make it effective at whitening the teeth.

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Biohacker lists numerous ways to take advantage of the black porous surface to rid the body of toxins.  He states:

How to Use It to Detox Your Body and Feel Noticeably Better

Because activated coconut charcoal is mainly used to remove toxins from the body, it is great to use for the following purposes:

  • Take it when you eat out at restaurants or eat low quality foods like processed junk foods
  • Take it with bad coffee – it won’t fix the problem, but it helps
  • It is particularly helpful to take when drinking alcohol
  • Take it if you suddenly feel moody or tired
  • Opening a capsule on your toothbrush does amazing things for stained teeth
  • Use during pregnancy to bind toxins
  • Helpful for jet lag

It’s 100% natural and safe for use to whiten the teeth…. but just how does charcoal whiten your teeth?

Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics and Skincare Biohacker demonstrates how charcoal works and why it is so effective in the detoxification process and to whiten the teeth. Watch this video to understand HOW!

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder BLACK Peppermint and BLACK Spearmint both contain charcoal to help whiten your teeth.  When charcoal is combined with clay, it is the perfect formulation for cleaning, remineralizing and whitening the teeth.

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder contains three different clays (bentonite, white kaolin and french green) because these clays contain the minerals your teeth need to remineralize and stay strong. For the Black formula, charcoal is added to whiten the teeth- but does not contain minerals therefore will not improve the structural integrity of your enamel.

Natural Skincare Questions Answered!

Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics and Expert in DSC_0316natural skincare, answers questions about natural skincare

Questions answered:
How long do items (all skincare) last when opened? If you have a serum, moisturizer and vitamin C it seems they will last a while?

Can I use the banished serum twice a day on almost my whole face for acne?

Should I be using anything other than the banished and beyond package along with the mask and fire and ice to clear up my current acne, scars old and new and dark spots?

What do u use for (natural) sunblock on the face?

Post your questions below!

Infiniti and Beyond for aging skin File Jun 22, 9 47 37 AM
Banished and Beyond for acne

Banished Blemish Serum for acne
Sun Up (natural sun protection)

Natural Make Up Q & A by Trina Felber, Expert in Natural Skincare and Skincare Biohacker

Toxic Free Makeup is available….meet Primal Colors from Primal Life Organics.

Trina answers some FAQs about Primal Colors, and does a demonstration of the WET technique for application.  Primal Colors is ON SALE for 25% OFF June 17-21, 2016. 

Primal Colors Foundations, Cheek Stains and Lid Stains get their colors from food, herbs and flowers. The only make up of it’s kind.

Trina is raising the bar and re-establishing the standards for SAFE make up!

Think Mineral Make Up is SAFE?  Think again…. Read Trina’s Toxic Talk: Mineral Make Up Trust or Trash?


Mineral Make Up: Trust Or Trash?

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