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Business Rockstar Interview: Creator Of Skin-Food

How Plane Earth Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Skin!

Trina Felber, Founder and Creator of Primal Life Organics, joins Ken for an awesome interview!

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Trina’s 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin

The winter dry air sucks the moisture right out of your skin… but I created a hydrating solution! Follow my 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin and watch your complexion go from dull to vibrant in no time at all!

Remember- dehydrated skin, from the inside and outside, accentuates aging. Think of it this way- a plum is well hydrated and plump! A prune is a water-poor, or dehydrated plum. Water-based skincare, artificial ingredients in both skincare and food, and winter temperatures all dehydrate your plum and make you look like a prune!

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Winter Running Guide! Get Your (Winter) Gear On! Bonus: & Tips For Keeping Skin Hydrated

Are you a runner? Do you live with one?

Do you love to run in the winter but the chill keeps you inside on a treadmill??

NOT ME! I run outside (in OHIO) all year round..

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