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100% Natural Solution For Whiter, Cleaner, Stronger Teeth With Fresh Breath

100% natural solution to clean, strengthen, whiten your teeth and freshen your breath!

Clay naturally detoxifies, cleans, whitens and strengthens teeth.  It is the secret behind the success of Primal Life Organics toothpowder to help heal sensitive teeth, cavities and restore gum tissue.

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is made of a proprietary blend of three mineral rich clays (white kaolin, bentonite and french green) that will help:

  • Gently clean your teeth
  • Naturally whiten your teeth
  • Remineralize and strengthen your teeth
  • Detoxify the gum tissue and naturally freshen your breath

Dirty Mouth toothpowder is made from a blend of three different earth-given clays that contain the exact minerals your teeth need to stay strong and healthy.  Clay is the perfect solution to natural dental health because clay naturally and quickly pulls toxins from tissues and expels them from the body.  Clay naturally and gently cleans and pulls discolorations from your teeth leaving them cleaner and whiter.  Clay is mineral rich- and your teeth are made up of minerals.  Every day, we lose minerals from our teeth.  Because our diet and soil are both depleted of minerals, dental health is declining and the teeth are more at risk of cavities.  Dirty Mouth contains mineral rich clay that puts the exact minerals your teeth need, right where you need them, every time you brush helping to improve the strength of your teeth and rebuild your enamel.

Fresher Breath?  It‘s possible because Dirty Mouth Toothpowder does not contain any harsh ingredients (SLS, Triclosan, artificial sweeteners) that will destroy the natural bacteria that protect your gums and teeth.  Your natural bacteria help prevent the overgrowth of “bad bacteria” that causes bad breath and gum disease.  Loss of your protective bacteria can also lead for the breakdown of your enamel.  Harsh ingredients can destroy natural protective bacteria and cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria that leads to bad breath and gum disease.

Dirty Mouth toothpowder naturally helps create stronger, whiter and fresher smiles made from 100% natural ingredients.  Clay based because without minerals your teeth could demineralize and breakdown.

Increasing the integrity of your smile… naturally!

More Whitening POWER?  We added charcoal to our BLACK formula.  Charcoal strongly binds to discolorations and leaves your teeth whiter and brighter 100% naturally.  Black is the new white!

Back To Beauty… Naturally!

Keeping myself beautiful…. Means putting food on my face!  At the young age of 48, I have learned a thing or two about lasting beauty.  I am, after all, a woman who wants my first impression to be stunning and memorable!


In life, it doesn’t take long to realize that your face is really your first impression.  Your smile speaks volumes.  Your eyes, and where they land, can be inviting, mysterious or lost.  Your expression makes a lasting impression and your mood is reflected in your expression.  If you keep the interest of your new friend might depend on your first impression… so put your best face forward….

When I put my best face forward, I get results.  I gain friends.  Have more fun.  Brainstorm, question, honor respect, improve and feel alive!

I realized nine years ago that beauty does not have to be toxic.  In fact, beauty is really the opposite of toxic in every sense of the word.  I never really cared for the way my makeup


Naturally keeping myself beautiful includes make up made from food-based ingredients.

“sat” on my skin.  I never thought “natural” should ever be used in the same sentence as makeup because, let’s face it, blue eye shadow is anything but natural!  It wasn’t until I began a quest for optimal health that I discovered that the shades of outer beauty create inner conflict.  Sure, putting makeup on in the morning would make me “look” better, but what happens to my looks when mica mutates my beautiful healthy cells and cause cancer?  How beautiful will I look when lead poisons my neurological system.  What happens when talc causes damage to my liver, kidneys, and endocrine system?

Color Me Beautiful just became a palate of poison!

I found a problem and needed a solution. And I created THE SOLUTION!  PRIMAL COLORS MAKE UP!

At the age of 39, I was not going to settle for the “au naturale” look of bare skin.  Sure, many days I face the world sans color, but, nine years ago I was plagued by adult acne and could not bear leaving the house without my cover up!


Primal Colors 100% natural concealer… made from clays and foods.  Period!

Today, at the age of 48, make up is a beautiful choice again!  My skin glows and my acne disappeared after I tossed all of my chemical-laden makeup and skincare!  I didn’t realize that so many of the ingredients harmed my skin and actually caused my acne!

I created a solution for women who want to keep the choice of make-up alive, yet don’t want to wear poisons 16 hours a day!  My solution was to look to food for the colors my skin naturally needed to make my first impression more colorful!

My intentions were pure.  Food has rich color.  Foods with rich colors also contain numerous micronutrients.  Micronutrients feed the cells.  Well-fed cells look plump and beautiful.

Welcome to the tasteful beauty Primal Colors Make Up has to offer.  Let the colors of food

Colors Package

Primal Colors… back to beauty!

tint your skin.  Natural never looked so good…. Because natural never meant food, until now!

Primal ColorsPrimal Colors, made from clays to help detoxify and normalize the skin.  Shades created from foods, herbs and flowers.  A little unique.  A lot healthy.  A beautiful face.  A first impression.  A lasting life.

Look younger.  Feel better.  Live Longer.  Primal Colors made by a nurse who wants to heal your body, beautifully forever one cell at a time.

Peace, inside and out!


More about Trina Felber

Natural Make Up Q & A by Trina Felber, Expert in Natural Skincare and Skincare Biohacker

Mineral Makeup… Trust or Trash?


Today, I turn 48-years young! 


Whoo, that snuck up on me! So, I am celebrating by hosting a Birthday SALE-Party!

For three days, my “keep me looking young” favorites are 25% off!


I know I don’t look like I’m 25… but if I’d started feeding my skin real-food when I was 25… maybe I would!

What I do know is this: when I was in my late 30’s, I was still suffering from oily skin and daily breakouts. My skin was blotchy with past acne scars; it was sallow, too and gravity was winning. My crows feet were not on my feet…and my eyes looked tired. All of this occurred BEFORE I’d had three children! Today, eight years, and a creation of true beauty products later…my skin is full of life and so am I!

Ditching toxic skincare has done more for my complexion and health than I ever dreamed. In large part because I’ve put my nursing care into every creation, so all of my products are meant to not just get results, but to heal your skin and body so it will last a long life span. Think of me not just as your skincare nurse, but as your skincare expert…

Thank you for giving me, and Primal Life Organics a chance to improve your life and your looks. Beauty, inside and out… above all other.

Made naturally with love. Just for YOU!

Best Natural Skincare Solutions to Rehydrate Dry Summer Skin!

The summer sun, heat, wind, sand and sweat all take a toll on our skin!  Are you feeling a little dry lately??

Trina Felber, Nurse turned CEO and Natural Skincare Expert offers her natural skincare solutions to help hydrate the drying effect from the summer elements!

Sale runs July 17-19, 2016.  No coupon needed. 


For more information about Trina Felber, click here.

Q&A: Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Cat Pee (ammonia)??

How Charcoal Whitens Teeth

Q&A: Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Cat Pee (ammonia)??

If you notice body odor that smells similar to cat pee… you could have an excess of ammonia in your blood.  There are some simple explanations and easy solutions if it is related to your diet, hydration status and antiperspirant usage.  Your body will naturally fight to keep you healthy- and when you have more ammonia than your kidneys can handle, you could be “sweating it out”!

Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA turned CEO of the natural skincare company Primal Life Organics understands the physiology within the body.  She creates her skincare line to heal the body so it can rid itself of toxins, function normally and perform optimally.  She spends her time educating others on best natural practices to ensure health and wellbeing.

Today, She answered the question Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Cat Pee??

Did you know that a build up of ammonia levels can cause muscle fatigue and neurological impairment?  Did you realize that using an antiperspirant can prevent you from releasing excess ammonia from your body.  A build up of ammonia can cause your sweat to smell like cat pee and have detrimental effects on your health.  Trina talks about some of the causes of high ammonia levels (diet related), how to improve detoxification and why/how to use natural deodorant.


Stick Up Deodorant is 100% natural, safe and effective- and today (07/13/16) is 30% off!  

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Call Of Beauty: Episode 1

Entrepreneurship is a road full of unexpected twists and turns. Some of my favorite moments in my journey include the people I have met along the way.  Talking with other business-minded forward thinkers plays an integral part of my success and the success of my business.

Maybe you want to start a business of your own?  Or are an entrepreneur yourself?  Maybe you want to learn more about my journey?

I have joined forces with Rachael McCrary, CEO and founder of Jewel Toned.  She is revolutionizing the way women view (and wear) their shape wear.  We have created Call Of Beauty, a podcast about the life of starting your own business!

Meet Rachael. Rachael and I became friends when we were both guests on Business Rockstars. We share ideas, thoughts and feelings on creating and scaling a company while trying to fit in family, exercise, that hot new restaurant and well….life. If you’re interested in continuing the conversation about that, we’ve started a web series.  


Watch Call Of Beauty

To celebrate you, and to make sure you are always wearing cute undies and safe natural products use the code:


for 20% off both of our websites:





Work-In Pilates TODAY!!

Work your core, strengthen your muscles, improve your mind and body… but remember to create a variety of interests.  Don’t get stuck in a yogi-rut.  Experiment with Pilates and you will not only improve the integrity of your spine, but your yoga practice will improve too!

Today’s yoga session is actually a Pilates experience. If you are a yogi, it is very beneficial to alternate different types of yoga, or add a few pilates classes to your schedule. Stacey is the owner of Barre Pose Studio in Akron, Ohio and she describes the benefits of pilates and takes the staff of Primal Life Organics through a 15 minute class! Enjoy! This was an amazing class- so share this with your family and friends!

Check out Primal Life Organics… making skincare that helps you look younger, feel better and live longer!

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