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Simply Paleo reviews Primal Life Organics

A Great Product Review from Lauren at

Product Review- Primal Life Organics: Paleo Skin Care!

The best news was that I got my care package from Primal Life Organics! Here is a brief review of each of the products, I’ve been using them for about a week and have had amazing results.  Bottom line- I have found my skin care line, for good.

Pit Stick

I’ve looked long and hard, high and low for a natural deoderant.  I’m not gonna lie, I was the stinky kid for a while.  Nothing every worked! Tom’s being the worst offender because I broke out in a rash from that (fun).   I’ve been wearing the pit stick for 3 days now and have smelled like a mellow coconut ever since, even after the workout last night! No bullshit people, this product is incredible!

Carrot Seed Primal Face Wash

I have combo skin and suffer from hormone breakouts every month (right now).  Not only has that cleared up but my skin tone looks even and I haven’t had to re-apply my oil absorbing powder mid day- it’s totally regulated my shine! Plus it smells great too.  I also love the way that it lathers, a little goes a long way.  When you rinse it leaves your skin feeling moisturized but clean (I hate after you wash your face and it feels like you washed with lotion, I also hate the super squeaky clean).  It comes in a large glass bottle with a medicine dropper, which I love!

Carrot Seed Primal Face Toner

This stuff just feels good, it’s in a small spritz bottle and goes on after you wash.  It smells great and has all the qualities of a nice, refreshing toner without the alcohol.

Carrot Seed Primal Face Serum

I’ve never really used a serum before but I’m pretty sure this one has a big hand in the overall even-ness of my skin tone.  You can tell it’s more concentrated and comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.  I use this after the wash and primer and it smells SO good!

Carrot Seed Primal Face Moisurizer

I love this moisturizer.  It’s a brilliant primer and 1st step before make up (which I’m not wearing much of now!) and leaves my skin feeling moisturized with ZERO grease.  I remember a lady at CosBar once told me that typically your skin will be oily not because you’re using the wrong moisturizer but because it’s compensating for under quenched skin.  I think this the key reason why I’ve been seeing less shine, my skin is actually getting the moisture that it needs!

Banished Primal Blemish Serum (Available soon)

This is the power potion! It’s extremely concentrated and really zaps problem areas.  I woke up to see that a certain friend (mountain) had vanished!  Note- don’t rub your eyes after you use this lol.

Thanks Lauren!
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