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Guest Bloggers

At PLO, we know that the healthiest you doesn’t stop at great skincare. Which is why we are teaming up with contributors to share their perspectives on healthy living, Paleo lifestyle, fitness, cooking, fashion and many other topics. Got an idea for a post? Email

Heather  Seikel hails from a career in healthcare and works in an Ambulatory Surgery Center recovery room. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, and has been a RN since 2005.

She is a dedicated wife, thrives on a Paleo Lifestyle, and is a supporter of her local community as a member of Brunty Farms CSA. She frequents farmer’s markets, is an avid fitness enthusiast, animal lover and caretaker. On the weekends she enjoys cooking, baking and gardening. Throughout the week, she fits in several different forms of fitness, including (but not limited to) Hot Yoga at Yoga Bliss, Spinning, Running, exercising her four dogs and TRX. She’s a regular at the Howe Meadow Market and Szalay’s Farmers Market, where you’ll find her on Saturday mornings, starting in May.

Jen Williams is a primal food enthusiast, a mother, a former restaurant kitchen manager and cook, and currently a meat-cutter for a health food store.

Her interest in primal living began around 2010, when her son was born and she decided she wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Now, her goal is to teach others what she has learned through trial and error, and how to make primal meals affordable and easy for you and your family. She focuses on how to use most of the animal you’re consuming and how to get the highest quality protein (gelatin, collagen, etc.) possible. She also likes sharing tips and techniques for getting kids to eat their veggies and making primal friendly meals for everyone to enjoy — no matter their age. Jen hopes readers can take something away from her posts to apply to their lives and that they might help us all continue on the primal path together! Check out her personal blog, The Huntress and The Harvest for more recipes and ideas.

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