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Work-In Yoga: Relaxation Mid-Day

This week: Relaxation to charge your day!


Posted by Trina Felber on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Join us as we take yoga to a new place… the workplace!  At Primal Life Organics, we are lucky to have Yogi Heather Baur on our team… and she helps us stay focused and charged with mid-day 15 minute yoga sessions!  Join us every Wednesday at 12 noon EST on Facebook (friend me) for our live broadcast!  We will have a different focus every week!

Winter Running Guide! Get Your (Winter) Gear On! Bonus: & Tips For Keeping Skin Hydrated

Are you a runner? Do you live with one?

Do you love to run in the winter but the chill keeps you inside on a treadmill??

NOT ME! I run outside (in OHIO) all year round..

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Cryotherapy- The Ultimate FREEZE For Your Healing!

Okay.  I am a runner and a yogi.  By the end of the week… I’m fatigued and inflamed!  I am need of some super healing!

Here is my solution:  Liquid Nitrogen.

liquid nitrogen

Want to reduce inflammation?  Speed healing?  Increase metabolism??? Increase energy?

With Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) the body is exposed to ultra-low temperatures (-200 to -290 F) for less than 3 minutes. As you enter the cryosauna, the sudden drop in temperature stimulates the cold receptors causing vasoconstriction, prompting the brain to transmit messages throughout the body. When you exit the chamber, blood is pumped vigorously around the body, which in turn enhances the oxygen supply and removal of toxins. The cold also triggers the nervous system to release feel-good endorphins. The body’s natural anti-inflammatory reaction to extreme cold is pain reduction.

This modality was first utilized in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Studies conducted over the last two decades in Europe have established WBC as a powerful treatment for inflammatory disorders and injuries.

Professional athletes have discovered WBC as a powerful treatment to decrease recovery  time and increase athletic performance.


• Athletic performance
• Post-surgical recovery

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Burn up to 800 calories (shivering burns calories- I always shiver around 2 minutes!)
• Increased metabolism
• Sleep better
Better mood
• Increased energy
• Autoimmune disorders
• Skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis
and psoriasis
Improved skin elasticity- use with Infiniti and Beyond and/or C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum for amazing results!!  

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Tee Shirt Contest! Attention All CrossFit Boxes, Primal and Paleo Blogs!

Please pass this on to your CrossFit Box or favorite paleo/primal blog!

Summer is here and it is time to show off all of those really cool tees and tanks! I LOVE anything that promotes the paleo, primal and CrossFit lifestyle… Especially tees and tanks! Let me help you promote your paleo or primal business or CrossFit box! I am holding my “First Annual Primal Tee Shirt Contest”. Share this with your favorite paleo blogger or CrossFit box!

ATTENTION: Paleo or Primal businesses and CrossFit boxes: send me your favorite tee shirt creation and I will display a picture of each t-shirt I receive on my Facebook page. I also plan to wear these tee shirts for blog and Facebook photos and around town or when traveling! Yes… Free publicity for you to share your endeavor! I love all things paleo, primal and CrossFit and want to spread the word and increase awareness! Please help me advertise your passion!

I wear a woman’s size small in most tees.

The tee shirts will be judged by a panel of six unique and different individuals. Try to pick their favorite and you may be the winner!

The winning tee shirt will receive a Primal Life Organics Prize Package (retail value $246.00) that will include:

Bare Primal Face Package x2

Primal Pit Stick x3 (one for you and two of your stinkiest friends)

Primal Toothpaste x2 (again, share with a cave buddy!)

Primal Hand Repair Stick x2 (who shreds their hands on kippings.. who doesn’t????)

Primal Herbal-Clay Face Mask x1

A surprise bonus item not yet released!

Second place will receive: (retail value $57)

Primal Pit Stick

Primal Hand Repair Stick

Primal Toothpaste

A surprise bonus item not yet released!

Meet the judges:


Box owner (CrossFit Akron). Loves anything CrossFit or paleo. Favorite color: green. Temptation: really dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Skill: squats and cleans.


Owner Primal Life Organics. Loves anything primal, paleo or CrossFit! Favorite colors: black, yellow and pink (bright colors!). Indulgence: cafe latte. Skill: deadlift.

Mia (age: soon to be 4) 

Favorite color: green. Passion: frogs. Best WOD skill: bear crawl. Favorite CrossFitters (besides mommy and daddy): Josh Bridges and Graham Holmberg.

Cash (age 2) 

Favorite diaper color: green. Indulgence: bare bars. Favorite animal: duck. Favorite new toy: WOD Toys barbell.

Roman (age 2) 

Favorite diaper color: blue. Indulgence: nuts. Passionate about: birds. Favorite new toy: WOD Toys kettle bell.


Nanny and Primal Life Organics Assistant. Favorite color: purple. Indulgence: peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Skills: track and gymnastics


Please mail tee shirts to:

CrossFit Akron

Attention: Josh Felber

65 Westgate Circle

Akron, Oh 44313

Include your business card and address with your tee shirt!

Contest ends July 31st.


*Sorry CrossFit Akron, you are EXCLUDED from this contest… all judges are biased!

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