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Back To Beauty… Naturally!

Keeping myself beautiful…. Means putting food on my face!  At the young age of 48, I have learned a thing or two about lasting beauty.  I am, after all, a woman who wants my first impression to be stunning and memorable!


In life, it doesn’t take long to realize that your face is really your first impression.  Your smile speaks volumes.  Your eyes, and where they land, can be inviting, mysterious or lost.  Your expression makes a lasting impression and your mood is reflected in your expression.  If you keep the interest of your new friend might depend on your first impression… so put your best face forward….

When I put my best face forward, I get results.  I gain friends.  Have more fun.  Brainstorm, question, honor respect, improve and feel alive!

I realized nine years ago that beauty does not have to be toxic.  In fact, beauty is really the opposite of toxic in every sense of the word.  I never really cared for the way my makeup


Naturally keeping myself beautiful includes make up made from food-based ingredients.

“sat” on my skin.  I never thought “natural” should ever be used in the same sentence as makeup because, let’s face it, blue eye shadow is anything but natural!  It wasn’t until I began a quest for optimal health that I discovered that the shades of outer beauty create inner conflict.  Sure, putting makeup on in the morning would make me “look” better, but what happens to my looks when mica mutates my beautiful healthy cells and cause cancer?  How beautiful will I look when lead poisons my neurological system.  What happens when talc causes damage to my liver, kidneys, and endocrine system?

Color Me Beautiful just became a palate of poison!

I found a problem and needed a solution. And I created THE SOLUTION!  PRIMAL COLORS MAKE UP!

At the age of 39, I was not going to settle for the “au naturale” look of bare skin.  Sure, many days I face the world sans color, but, nine years ago I was plagued by adult acne and could not bear leaving the house without my cover up!


Primal Colors 100% natural concealer… made from clays and foods.  Period!

Today, at the age of 48, make up is a beautiful choice again!  My skin glows and my acne disappeared after I tossed all of my chemical-laden makeup and skincare!  I didn’t realize that so many of the ingredients harmed my skin and actually caused my acne!

I created a solution for women who want to keep the choice of make-up alive, yet don’t want to wear poisons 16 hours a day!  My solution was to look to food for the colors my skin naturally needed to make my first impression more colorful!

My intentions were pure.  Food has rich color.  Foods with rich colors also contain numerous micronutrients.  Micronutrients feed the cells.  Well-fed cells look plump and beautiful.

Welcome to the tasteful beauty Primal Colors Make Up has to offer.  Let the colors of food

Colors Package

Primal Colors… back to beauty!

tint your skin.  Natural never looked so good…. Because natural never meant food, until now!

Primal ColorsPrimal Colors, made from clays to help detoxify and normalize the skin.  Shades created from foods, herbs and flowers.  A little unique.  A lot healthy.  A beautiful face.  A first impression.  A lasting life.

Look younger.  Feel better.  Live Longer.  Primal Colors made by a nurse who wants to heal your body, beautifully forever one cell at a time.

Peace, inside and out!


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