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Today, I turn 48-years young! 


Whoo, that snuck up on me! So, I am celebrating by hosting a Birthday SALE-Party!

For three days, my “keep me looking young” favorites are 25% off!


I know I don’t look like I’m 25… but if I’d started feeding my skin real-food when I was 25… maybe I would!

What I do know is this: when I was in my late 30’s, I was still suffering from oily skin and daily breakouts. My skin was blotchy with past acne scars; it was sallow, too and gravity was winning. My crows feet were not on my feet…and my eyes looked tired. All of this occurred BEFORE I’d had three children! Today, eight years, and a creation of true beauty products later…my skin is full of life and so am I!

Ditching toxic skincare has done more for my complexion and health than I ever dreamed. In large part because I’ve put my nursing care into every creation, so all of my products are meant to not just get results, but to heal your skin and body so it will last a long life span. Think of me not just as your skincare nurse, but as your skincare expert…

Thank you for giving me, and Primal Life Organics a chance to improve your life and your looks. Beauty, inside and out… above all other.

Made naturally with love. Just for YOU!

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