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What’s the story behind our Primal Tooth Powder?

My daughter had a defect in one of her teeth that occurred during fetal development. It was on a molar and needed a filling. It had a concave center and was tender but not a cavity —  as she was only 2 years old and did not eat sugar. She had it filled like a cavity, more for protection, but the dentist we pessimistic that it would work. Since she was 2- he only used a temporary “filling” hoping to buy some time before he would have to pull it. That’s when I developed the tooth powder, with hopes to re-mineralize that tooth and keep her other teeth strong and healthy.

I am happy to report that she just turned five, and as I checked her teeth tonight for her nightly brushing, I could barely see a defect in that tooth!

She even uses Boost Gum Serum and loves the way it makes her gums feel.

 Contact Us today if you have any questions!

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