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Paleosophy Review: A new Primal Lifer!

I received another testimonial from Amy, creator of a new paleo blog called Paleosophy.  Don’t forget to add her to your favorites.  Here is her testimonial:

I wanted to write and tell you how amazing your products are and how happy I am that I’ve found you!!

For most of my adult life, I’ve had issues with my skin.  It started as a teenager, with breakouts here and there and at 14 I went on my first round of antibiotics to keep my skin clear.  It did improve but the minute I stopped the medication, the problems came back.  I continued like this on and off through high school and college.   It was never terrible, all over, acne everywhere- but there were definite breakouts and when I did get pimples, they were large and very painful.

As I grew up and started playing with different forms of skincare, I noticed it was always either oily or dry but never could find its equilibrium.  After switching to products for sensitive skin, it seemed to improve greatly and my breakouts were relegated to “that time of the month” which I could deal with.

Fast forward a few years, and all of the sudden I was getting a strange rash around my mouth at what seemed like random times.  The rash was somewhat mild (no real pain or itch) and it didn’t look exactly like acne, but it was definitely red bumps all around my chin.  After trying everything I knew how to treat it, I finally broke down and went back to the dermatologist for a quick fix (more antibiotics)!

I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, which basically means I get a rash around my mouth, but the dermatology community doesn’t know what causes it.  So they prescribed medication and a steroid topical cream and sent me home.  Again, some improvement, but I really wanted to find a natural way to treat the problem, not just a band-aid for the symptoms.

When I went paleo three months ago, my skin started getting better and I knew it must have been gluten in my diet since I ate fairly well before I completely converted.  I looked into natural products and removing the gluten from my soap and face wash, but it was so hard to find something that was truly natural.  Even most products that are “gluten free” have dozens of other chemicals in them.

After struggling to find natural products without chemicals,  I stumbled upon Primal Life Organics and am a customer for life!! (Trina, please don’t ever stop making this stuff, it’s amazing!!!).

I was so excited to find a truly natural alternative for my skincare and immediately ordered the entire Infiniti Anti- Aging package and the body butter.  I figured if we put lotion everywhere, imagine how many chemicals enter our bodies through our arms and legs, not just our face.  So I loaded up my cart and anxiously checked the mailbox for the package.

I have been using the products now for about a month and the results are phenomenal!  My skin is glowing, my rashes/ acne is cleared up, and I am off all the medications.  The face wash, serum and moisturizer all make your face feel clean, balanced and so fresh!  The body butter is equally amazing and gives your body such a pretty glow (especially when the sun reflects off it).

I will be a Primal Life Organics customer for life and can’t wait for more of Trina’s great products!! I am already sharing these products with my friends and family and have had amazing feedback from them too!

Great job Trina, I can’t wait to order more again soon! I am launching my own paleo blog, Paleosophy, and will be posting about your products often, I can’t wait to share them 🙂

You saved my skin!!!



Thanks Amy!  I LOVE your blog!!!
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