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Tee Shirt Contest! Attention All CrossFit Boxes, Primal and Paleo Blogs!

Please pass this on to your CrossFit Box or favorite paleo/primal blog!

Summer is here and it is time to show off all of those really cool tees and tanks! I LOVE anything that promotes the paleo, primal and CrossFit lifestyle… Especially tees and tanks! Let me help you promote your paleo or primal business or CrossFit box! I am holding my “First Annual Primal Tee Shirt Contest”. Share this with your favorite paleo blogger or CrossFit box!

ATTENTION: Paleo or Primal businesses and CrossFit boxes: send me your favorite tee shirt creation and I will display a picture of each t-shirt I receive on my Facebook page. I also plan to wear these tee shirts for blog and Facebook photos and around town or when traveling! Yes… Free publicity for you to share your endeavor! I love all things paleo, primal and CrossFit and want to spread the word and increase awareness! Please help me advertise your passion!

I wear a woman’s size small in most tees.

The tee shirts will be judged by a panel of six unique and different individuals. Try to pick their favorite and you may be the winner!

The winning tee shirt will receive a Primal Life Organics Prize Package (retail value $246.00) that will include:

Bare Primal Face Package x2

Primal Pit Stick x3 (one for you and two of your stinkiest friends)

Primal Toothpaste x2 (again, share with a cave buddy!)

Primal Hand Repair Stick x2 (who shreds their hands on kippings.. who doesn’t????)

Primal Herbal-Clay Face Mask x1

A surprise bonus item not yet released!

Second place will receive: (retail value $57)

Primal Pit Stick

Primal Hand Repair Stick

Primal Toothpaste

A surprise bonus item not yet released!

Meet the judges:


Box owner (CrossFit Akron). Loves anything CrossFit or paleo. Favorite color: green. Temptation: really dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Skill: squats and cleans.


Owner Primal Life Organics. Loves anything primal, paleo or CrossFit! Favorite colors: black, yellow and pink (bright colors!). Indulgence: cafe latte. Skill: deadlift.

Mia (age: soon to be 4) 

Favorite color: green. Passion: frogs. Best WOD skill: bear crawl. Favorite CrossFitters (besides mommy and daddy): Josh Bridges and Graham Holmberg.

Cash (age 2) 

Favorite diaper color: green. Indulgence: bare bars. Favorite animal: duck. Favorite new toy: WOD Toys barbell.

Roman (age 2) 

Favorite diaper color: blue. Indulgence: nuts. Passionate about: birds. Favorite new toy: WOD Toys kettle bell.


Nanny and Primal Life Organics Assistant. Favorite color: purple. Indulgence: peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Skills: track and gymnastics


Please mail tee shirts to:

CrossFit Akron

Attention: Josh Felber

65 Westgate Circle

Akron, Oh 44313

Include your business card and address with your tee shirt!

Contest ends July 31st.


*Sorry CrossFit Akron, you are EXCLUDED from this contest… all judges are biased!

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