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Father’s Day Tribute: What’s It Like To Live With Your CrossFit Coach?

AWESOME!  My husband, Josh, is part owner of Crossfit Akron. He puts his heart and soul I to everything he does. He loves coaching CrossFit… Seriously, never seen him happier!  He loves what he is doing and takes pride in all of the lives he has helped change. Not only are we on the same page as a couple in raising our kids (more on that subject in the near future), but we are also on the same page in regards to health and fitness. We have both always been independently “health conscious” in regards to diet and exercise… But since we found CrossFit and adopted the paleo lifestyle, our relationship and support for each other has blossomed even more. Sometimes the transition into a new lifestyle can be challenging… But when you don’t have the support of your spouse or partner, the challenge can be ten-fold!  I am so lucky to have found someone that is as pro-active about health as I am. We both embrace a three dimensional approach to health… Diet, exercise and family involvement.

Josh inspired me to start Primal Life Organics. He has a very successful background in business and believed in my paleo skincare products. He encouraged me to inspire others to look more closely at what they are becoming because of what they are putting on their skin. We both believe “what goes in… And on… Becomes you”.  We both believe in living a toxin- free life inside and out!

Josh has been the first tester if all of my products since I decided to go public. Trust me, first batches are not always very good!  His input has helped shape every product I make and he uses my products daily. His favorite product is the Infiniti Primal Face Serum. He uses it daily on his face and shaved head… In fact, he uses it so much, I make a quadruple bottle just for him!  In honor of my husband and awesome “daddio”, I am placing the Infiniti Primal Face Serum and the Infiniti Primal Face Package on sale now through Fathers Day. Get some for your caveboy… And maybe he will let you try it too!  Happy Fathers Day Honey and to all Cave-Daddios!  Enjoy!

Infiniti Primal Face Package: Regular Price: $179.   Special Price: $149

Infiniti Primal Face Package

Infinit Primal Face Serum: Regular Price: $46.   Special Price: $38

Infinit Primal Face Serum

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