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Paleo Treats Even the Kids Love: Bare Bars

I have been making these paleo “Bare Bars” for the past three months and I cannot keep them stocked.  I make a fresh batch every 3-4 days. Everyone eats them: hubby, kiddos and self. I think the cat would eat them if I let him!  Not only are they tastey, but they are simple and fast to make. The recipe is easy and the ingredients can be adapted for your liking!

We named them “Bare Bars” because my daughter used to get a snack bar that had a “bear” on the box and she called them “Bear Bars”.. We don’t buy those anymore… Now we have the new and improved version renamed “Bare Bars” made fresh (almost) daily! “Bare” for the barely-there ingredients.

Bare Bars (I triple this recipe)

1 C. Medjool dates pitted (bring to room temperature  and pit them)

1 C. Raw nuts or almond meal.  I love using just cashews.. Tastes similar to a sugar cookie.  Mixing cashews, walnuts, almonds and pecans has a GREAT flavor too.

Dash of salt to taste.

Option 1:  decrease nuts to 1/2 cup and add protein powder (unflavored is what I use but you could probably use flavored as well).

Option 2:  add dried fruit (cherries, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries) but decrease dates by equal amount.

Option 3:  add unsweetened shredded coconut while rolling dough.

Mix ingredients in either A food processor or mixer until it forms a thick paste. Dump in a large bowl and work dough with hands. I add unsweetened coconut at this point and it tastes awesome!  If dough is too soft, I add a small amount of almond meal until it is “rollable”.

Roll dough into logs and cut, or make balls. My boys go crazy for “Bare Balls”.

I use the vitamixer and I make multiple small batches on speed 5. This works well. The proportions don’t have to be exact and you can play with the texture.

Simple, easy and no preservatives. If made with protein powder, these make wonderful and convenient energy bars for long runs as well as great recovery bars after any workout. They are also an excellent choice for a pre-workout snack. Instant energy, not filling. I make them fairly small and will eat between 1-3 bars depending on activity.

I eat mine chilled (tastes like cold cookie dough) but my husband likes his room temperature.  You decide!

Easy. Convenient. Healthy. What’s not to love? Love the Primal Bare!


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