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Paleo Expert, Liz Wolfe: “I’m Glowing Thanks to Primal Life Organics!”

I recently sent Liz Wolfe, from, a favorite paleo lifer, some of my products to try.  I always love to hear what people think of my creations, especially experienced, hardcore paleo advocates.  Liz is definitely a paleo expert.  Liz is a board certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and has been featured as a “nutritional expert” in OK! Magazine.  You may also recognize her name from Paleo Magazine in which she is writes a regular column.  If that is not enough, Liz also co-hosts the Balanced Bites Podcast.  Liz took some time out of her hectic schedule to write a testimonial about Primal Life Organics.

From Liz:

I’ve been obsessed with Paleo-style skin care (ie: what goes ON is just as important as what goes IN) – ever since I realized my personal care products were LOADED with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, remember, nor trace back to the source. I finally took the leap and ditched all the old stuff and moved on to more Paleo-friendly skin care, beginning with the basics: the Oil Cleansing Method, a bit of oil to moisturize, and baking soda and apple cider vinegar for exfoliation and toning.

But I was missing something. Yes, I stripped my routine down to “the basics,” but I knew there were some amazing properties to the oils, clay, and other natural earth-derived products that Trina uses as part of Primal Life Organics. With the assault the Modern world makes on our skin every day, I knew I wanted MORE nourishment, MORE anti-aging, and MORE anti-inflammatory action. And I needed someone who KNEW where to find these things in nature, as well as how to source and combine them!
Trina knows her stuff. Just take a moment to read her ingredient descriptions – did YOU know frankincense not only helps prevent wrinkles, but promotes a feeling of serenity? That Clary sage promotes skin regeneration AND balances oil production? Theres an entire WORLD of natural, skin-loving compounds out there, and Trina is an absolute expert.
It’s not an exaggeration to say my skin (and health) is better now than ever before. (Seriously – I’m glowing!) I’m so grateful to have found Trina and Primal Life Organics!
Thanks Liz!
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