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What Is In Your Natural Beauty Products?

Peggy, from The Primal Parent, one of my favorite paleo blogs, did a review / interview of a few of Primal Life Organics products this week.  Here is a taste of what you will find in the article.  Please click the link to read the entire interview!

21st century body care products are a whole lot like America’s food supply. They are full of chemicals we shouldn’t be putting on our skin but are marketed to us as though they are safe, most of us have no idea how bad for us they really are, and far superior products actually do exist.
I made the switch over to natural body care products (and household cleaning supplies) when I was pregnant with Evelyn. And of course, I never went back. Awareness is the key to positive change. Why would you deliberately choose to poison yourself with knowncarcinogens, chemicals known to cause birth defects, and hormone-altering substancesabsorbed through the skin? I wouldn’t anyway, so that’s why I’ve been using natural body care products for the last 7 years.

But even natural beauty products can be deceiving. Just to give you an example, Burts Bees Naturally Ageless Night Cream lists a whole bunch of great ingredients like white birch and pomegranate but it also contains alcohol which dries out the skin (definitely not going to help with wrinkles) and at the end of the ingredients sits phenoxyethanol, an ingredient which has no information listed about concerns for cancer and reproductive toxicity but does raise moderate concerns about non-reproductive organ toxicity. And just by the look of the word itself, can that really be natural?

What Is In Your Natural Beauty Products?

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