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Why You Should Be Skeptical of Your Personal Care Products

I recently read an article called “More Than Skin Deep. What you need to know about beauty products before you buy”. The article states “a British report estimates that women who use makeup soak in nearly five pounds of cosmetic chemicals each year. The average American uses about 10 different personal care products a day, which can quickly add up to 100 different chemicals.”

 The article continues stating “this is problematic, troublesome and dangerous when you consider that ‘more than one-third of all personal care products contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer’ according to the Environmental Working Group. Never mind the ingredients linked to birth defects.”

This horrendous and scary news is the main reason I develop products that are made of natural, organic, earthen, paleo ingredients. I want to enjoy my “golden years” healthy, not fighting a cancer I could have prevented. I am an advocate for prevention and I’m sure this stems from my 20 year nursing career advocating for patients that are either too sick to advocate for themselves, or not educated enough to know better. I now extend that to my skin care business. Primal Life Organics is my way of advocating for you and your family. There are numerous, uncontrollable cancer-causing variables in our every day life. Some are truly unavoidable. More importantly, some are VERY PREVENTABLE. I understand that organic, natural skin care can be more costly, however, fighting cancer that could have been prevented is far more costly in so many ways (physically, emotionally, financially) for both you and your loved ones. Please don’t mis-read this; I’m not saying if you use organic, natural, paleo products, you will live a cancer free life. However, I can say your chances of living a cancer free life are greater if you avoid slathering your skin in cancer causing chemicals.

You may not lose five pounds on the scale, but this five pounds just might improve the quality of your life without you even knowing it…. And that is the best loss to win!

You can check out all of my products at All of my products are free from: parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil, and parafin, glycols, phthalates, sodium myreth sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and ethanol amines. Confused? I will blog about those harmful ingredients in a near future writing. For now, I urge you to I inspect your products and to use organic, natural, and paleo.

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