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Primal Life Organics: Primal Love is in the Air!

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Not sure what to love about Primal Life Organics?  A favorite among new customers is the Bare Primal Face Package. Not only is it an excellent face wash and moisturizer… It is priced at just $43.  See what Primal is all about without taking a hit in the pocketbook!

Bare Primal Face Package includes Primal Face Wash and Primal Face Moisturizer.  This is an excellent package for all skin types including aging skin.  The botanicals used in this package will not dry out dry skin and will not over-moisturizer oily skin.

Bare Primal Face Wash combines gentle cleansers with organic calendula flowers and white kaolin clay and gently exfoliates while cleansing.

 Bare Primal Face Moisturizer combines organic oils of jojoba, sweet almond, evening primrose and extra virgin olive oil.  This moisturizer is perfect for all skin types, especially providing nutrients for aging skin. More Primal to love…this is the perfect “under eye moisturizer” to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Bare Primal Face Moisturizer

I have always believed that “being healthy” extends beyond diet and exercise. Chemicals and toxins in skincare products are proven to be absorbed and can negatively affect the endocrine system. Most skin and body care products contain a lot of chemicals including artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives. Many moisturizers contain parabens, which easily enter the body’s circulatory system through the skins surface. Parabens have been linked to causing breast cancer as well as being linked to increasing the amount of estrogen in the body; too much estrogen can cause infertility and cancer. Primal Life Organics will NOT sabotage your healthy habits and lifestyle.  Our commitment to heath is a priority to us.  Healthy living.. Primal Love!

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